Our first introduction to the wonderful Poodle Breed was Eli. Our Lab Isaac was aging out of his hunting ability and Eli was to take on the duck retriever duties while Isaac lounged shoreside.

We fell in love with the temperament and intelligence of the Standard Poodle and decided to help preserve this exceptional breed.

We are committed to preserving the health, temperament, breed standard confirmation and a family companion who is versatile for various performance activities.

Our dogs live in our home, are fully health and genetics tested. We also use the Puppy Culture 12 week program to help prepare our puppies for a bright and happy future as they find their forever home.

NOTE: Because we think the Poodle is an exceptional breed all on it’s own. We do not support, nor will we sell or stud any of our Standard Poodles to Merle or Doodle Breeders.